- Suggestions for appetizers
- Hot starters
- Cold starters
- The dishes Suzel
- Meat
- Fish


Suggestions for appetizers

Kir at Mirabelle de Lorraine
Glass of Muscat d'Alsace
Glass of Gewurztraminer
Glass Late Harvest

The hot starters

Soup Pot au Feu grandmother
Cream of cauliflower, smoked salmon
Cream of peas, cake potato
Munster "Schuster" flamed with Kirsch d'Alsace
Six snails cooked in Alsatian
Bone marrow eggplant caviar and brioche "salt Guérande"
Stoppered Queen, basmati rice
Salad "Gretel" in rabbit liver, bacon, ham, smoked foie gras
Sauerkraut and warm with shallot confit
Quiche Lorraine, salad and green salad

Cold starters

Vegetable platter, assorted item
Foie Gras duck house, caramel beer
onion jam with pinot noir, toasted brioche
The tray of appetizers ranged
The Vosges salad, cream, bacon bits and croutons
The shrimp cocktail of mixed salad
The warm goat cheese salad
The Alsatian-Terrine, veggies
Delight our Smokehouse, toasted brioche

The dishes Suzel

The patties of potato, herbs bibeleskäse
Knepfle of my childhood, mixed salad The grilled sausage, fried potatoes, fried egg, salad
Büewespäetzles "like mommy" mixed salad garnished sauerkraut "Elsass Art" to the 7 meat
The guts home cooked to pink on Lewerknepfles Alsatian sauerkraut with bacon Grumbeerekiechle Munster, mixed salad
The spaetzle gratin beer from Alsace
Calf's head adorned with the Friend Fritz Bibeleskäseknepfle, cream and blue crack nuts, salad


The roasted pork cheeks of the Friend Fritz
Veal Cordon Blue with cream and mushrooms
Pot veal kidneys, cream of mushroom and shallot confit
Pavé of Beef crusted chorizo, fresh horseradish cream Steak Veal with cream and mushrooms
The tab of beef with shallot confit and pinot noir
Boneless Pork Leg, breaded, creamy mustard and spices Alsace
T. Bone Steak, Maitre d'Hotel butter
The whole duck breast, roast, cream freshly
Rack of lamb, parmesan cream
Calf's liver, cherries in pinot noir, fried onions


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